Uzhgorod Tourism Information Centre

2009-12-20 22:14:42

The establishment of the Uzhgorod Tourist Information Centre and the Treasures of Zakarpattya souvenir shop was implemented by the Corvinus Zrt.. The Centre was opened on the 19th of December, 2009.

The objectives of the Uzhgorod Tourist Information Centre:


  • the promotion of tourism development in Zakarpattya region
  • the informational support of tourism entities in the region as well as the local and international tourists
  • the tightening of co-operation between the local tourism information centres

The services of the Uzhgorod Tourist Information Centre:

  • providing information about the tourism facilities in the region
  • organizing trips in Zakarpattya
  • accommodation reservation
  •  tourism data base compilation about the tourism facilities of the region and its continuous update
  • organizing study tours
  • distribution and exhibitions of local folk artists´ products
  • distribution of souvenirs

88 000 Uzhgorod, Dukhnovicha street 16/1
Phone/fax:  +38 (0312) 61-31-93
Mob: +38 (050) 62 22 371