Cooperation between NGOs and municipalities, – the third training session in the frame of the “Visegrad Civil Bridge to Ukraine” project

2015-09-22 12:37:06

Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre in partnership with the Public Benefit Association For the Civil Network of Veszprém County, Hungary organized a joint workshop in Beregovo, Ukraine, which became a third training session co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund.

From 15 to 19 September representatives of the local NGOs, authorities and municipalities of Zakarpattya were studying the best practices and Hungarian experience in creating and maintaining successful local partnerships for the benefit of their region’s development. The workshop was led by two Hungarian trainers from the Public Benefit Association For the Civil Network of Veszprém County, – Varga Endre and Hudi Zsuzsanna.


The topics of the training included the following: strategic planning, STEP analysis, marketing communications, partnership building, municipal management, civil code, joint financing of the activities, networking and joint cooperation, etc. We hope that experience and knowledge acquired during this workshop will help the local NGOs to participate actively in cooperation with the local authorities and promote sustainable development of their region.


The next, fourth in a row, workshop within this project will take place on 17-21 November with the topic about “Finding, managing and motivating of volunteers” and with participation of the Polish experts from the Good Network Foundation partner organization from Warsaw, Poland. Everyone is welcome to join our training initiatives!


Detailed agenda [укр] [eng]

Handbook with workshop materials [укр]  [eng]