Finding, managing and motivating of volunteers

2015-11-20 12:23:01

This was the topic of the fourth training session organized by the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre in cooperation with the Good Network Foundation (Poland) as part of the “Visegrad civil bridge to Ukraine” project. The workshop was held during 17-21 November 2015 in Beregovo, Ukraine and co-financed from the International Visegrad Fund’s Eastern Partnership Program.

The main goal of the workshop was to increase organizational and management capacities of the Ukrainian civil sector by means of involving and adjusting the best practices of the V4 countries to their needs. 15 participants took part in the training, representing different regional NGOs which work with the volunteers and have real need to improve management of their work, or plan to involve volunteers to their activities in the future.

 The trainers on the workshop were experts of the Good Network Foundation from Warsaw, Poland, – Malgorzata Stradomska-Kalinka and Marzena Kacprowicz. Volunteering movement has a long history and excellent experiences in Europe and in Poland in particular. During the training days the participants had an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the Polish experience in the field, both during the theoretical and practical exercises, with the best practices, main forms and the “golden rules’ of volunteering.

In the present economic and social situation it is of high importance for the Ukrainian civil sector to absorb the foreign experience and involve new instruments into their work, including alternative forms of fundraising, cooperation and volunteering, partnerships with the local authorities, creation of local civil networks, etc. That is the only way to increase their capacities and represent more efficiently the interests of different social groups. In this respect, involvement of experience and national peculiarities of the V4 countries becomes even more important with regard to their recent success in democracy building.

The project ends on 23 January 2016 with the closing round-table meeting as the platform for civil organizations where they can present the obtained results, communicate with the project partner organizations and share impressions with each other. Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre invites all the interested organizations to the Civil Forum! Please, follow our website for further details about the next project events.


Detailed agenda [укр] [eng]

Handbook with workshop materials [укр]  [eng]