The project implementation phase proceeds in Transcarpathia

2012-07-26 01:56:19

The implementation phase of the project titled „Integrated network of bicycle touring routes along the Ukrainian-Hungarian border” HUSKROUA/1001/012 proceeds in the Ukranian and Hungarian territories. The second projecteam meeting was held in Uzhhorod, in the building of the Road Service in Transcarpathian Region. The partners informed each other about the course of the work at the meeting. The Road Service in Transcarpathian Region has begun the procurement procedure for the bicycle touring routes constructed within the framework of the project. Seven kilometres of bicycle road on the section Astei-Berehove (4 km) and Vylok-Nevetlenfolu (3 km) will be built. According to the decision of the project team, the opening conference will take place in September 2012 in Uzhhorod. Beside the staff of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre the chief engineer and the head of the Road Service in Transcarpathian Region also participated at the meeting.