The tourist guide training ended in Zakarpattya

2011-11-29 01:04:36

The course is based on the way to start the upcoming European Football Championships, served, however, focuses on the further strategic goals – said to our magazine Tarpai Jozsef, the Carpathian Tourist Office Network Manager. - Namely, that the county tourism industry is increasingly developing more and more skilled, dedicated professionals you need.
The tour guide certificate in addition to what the present course? - Break of a few students about the exam questioned.

Fodor Gyula:
- I do not think I’m selling it secret by telling you that the course participants are now, and I took a few more people came to us from Hungary tourist group leadership. But we have to admit that the county’s history, geographic endowments, memorials can be found in places of natural attractions and the lives of people who live here often do not have enough subject knowledge acquired. The tour is a special methodology of science, which is a kind of thinking is reflected. As a learning experience, the local leadership requires the assistance of experienced professionals. I offered this course.

Gönczy Sandor:

- The tourist books – not to make anything else – the most important information about focus. But the curious tourist race, and this is certainly a curiosity satisfied. Fortunately, during the course of a deeper, more profound knowledge we have acquired. Let me give you an example. Who to involve everyone in the chat admire hundreds of villages of the Reformed Church coffered ceiling of the year. But, why just these motifs are painted on the ceiling of the old masters wooden tables, well, few people know it. To discover this, to the religious history can be deeper. This is something else now, and many other opportunities arose.

Jakab Eleonora:
- Provide a systematic knowledge of complex knowledge acquisition – in short, can be summarized in such a course is all about.

Volodymyr Scsurenko:
- I’m not the only performers, but the course is for students participating in the new knowledge I have gained a lot of thanks. I hope a lot of friends, colleagues earned. And I realized that the tour guide a little bit teacher, art historian and a bit too. We sociologists, biologists and economists as well. In a word, a man who is very experienced in many professions, and also can handle the different habit, ideology and temperament of people. In short, well-prepared professionals.

Gabor Eszenyi