First workshop within the project titled Visegrad Civil Bridge to Ukraine

2015-04-25 13:00:11

The first workshop within the framework of the project titled Visegrad Civil Bridge to Ukraine took place on 20-24 April. Its topic was “Civil collaboration and networking”, the lecturers were experts from the Slovakian Forum Information Centre, Maria Kulcsar director and Peter Kmotrik trainer. The project is implemented by the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Develeopment Centre with the financial assistance of the International Visegrad Fund.

Representatives of local Transcarpathian NGOs were invited to take part in the training, total of 20 people. The participants could learn about the principles of partnership, specific features of its management and common problems, as well as their potential solutions. The workshop consisted of a theoretical part and a practical one, where problematic issues were examined through simulation games and case studies.

The aim of the event was to strengthen the operational capacities of the civil sector in Ukraine by adapting and applying the experiences of V4 countries. The experts of all Visegrad countries are involves into the project implementation, who will present the strength of a given successfully operating field of their country. The workshop ended on Friday, but the training component would continue in June with the participation of exprets from Prague, Czech Republic.


Detailed agenda [укр] [eng]

Handbook with workshop materials [укр]  [eng]