Bicycle roads

2012-09-14 01:49:41

In the Uzhhorod Press Centre roundtable meeting was held on the topic of integrated tourist cycling routes along the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.

József Tarpai, the director of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre gave a presentation about the integrated cycling routes. “Our project has been implementing from June 2012 within the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 and with the financial support of the European Union. Partners in the project implementation: Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, András Jósa Museum, Self-government of Beregsurány, Road Service in Transcarpathian Region  - said József Tarpai. Activities during the project: building up cross-corder bicycle roads, storage of bicycles in Beregsurány, compiling datebase about the attraction along the bicycle roads, training guides, which starts from October.

József Tarpai said that the bicycle roads will be built in the Berehovo and Vynohradiv district, the one from the Beregsurány-Asteii border crossing to Berehovo, the other from Vylok to Petrova. In addition, bicycle map will be published for tourist, and one can rent bicycle in the Uzhhorod and Berehovo Tourism Information Centre.

The “Hot wheels” bicycle tour in the Berehovo district within the BEREG FEST 2012 wil be on 30 September. The other interesting bicycle tour will be on 5-6 October, it is a pilgrimage to Máriapócs, its distance is 65 km.  Nearly 20-25 different denomination pilgrimage will take place on the event.

Vasyl Markovich, the director of the Road Service in Transcarpathia stressed in his speech, that bicycle tourism – is the new direction in the activities of the state organs. ” We are just  now beginning to act in this direction. The most important thing for road workers – human health and traffic organization. Nowadays the victims of many accidants are the cyclist. The cycling system is not considered to be a complex one, roads were built there, where the project designated it. There are bicycle roads between the following settlements: Kinchesh and Laz, Rakoshyn and Mukachevo, as well in the Vynohradiv district. Now we are working on the building of its network. We are building 7 km bicycle road within the given project, towards the Asteii and Vylok international border crossings, where pedestrian crossing is allowed too. Besides these, there are plans for the construction of the Berehovo bypass road and the renovation of the road towards Mizhhiria. The plans of the following roads are in project phase: Mukachevo-Uzhhorod, Lazy-Serednie, Serednie-Mukachevo. Plans: to connect the Uzhhorod-Mukachevo-Berehovo-Vylok route along the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. We have to join in the Hungarian bicycle route network.”

Svitlana Kuptsova, the administrator of the European Mobility Week (EMW) project, the colleague of the NGO Forza delivered a lecture on the topic “Experiences of the European Mibility Week in the Carpathians: make our towns and settlements even more pleasant for the people! “The EMW – is a generelly known initiative in Europe, which was started in 2000 as a car free day – said Svitlana Kuptsova. – People did not use their car for a day, instead of it they went by bicycle or on foot. The EMW started with the participation of 400 community, and now there are more than 3000 participants from 40 countries. 103 communities in Hungary, 85 ones in Poland, 8-8 in Slovakia and Ukraine joined to the initiative.

Volodimir Feskov, the co-coordinator of the Transcarpathian Civic Centre said that the idea about the development of bicycle route network and bicycle traffic launched at the initiative of non-governmental organizations in Uzhhorod. “Uzhhorod requires the conditions of bicycle transport within its boundaries. In the past few years more event appeared  in the town, united almost 200 cyclists, tours were conducted. cycling is very useful ecologically.